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Irene House Online Store provides high-quality power lift recliner chairs with functional style and affordable comfort, make it a great seating solution for any living space.

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  • Which Leather Type Should I Get for My Recliner?

    Manufacturers use different fabrics when making recliners. Among so many fabrics, leather is one of the most popular choices.Different kinds of leather have different characteristics and prices. If you prefer leather, and if you want to buy a chair for someone or for yourself, here’s something about different types of leather that you might like […]

  • Want To Sleep in A Recliner When Pregnant?

    Women during pregnancy pay more attention to their health than usual. Even things that seem normal in normal times may harm the fetus in the womb or the pregnant woman’s body.For example, the recliner — is without a doubt one of the great inventions to provide comfortable seating. However, due to the particularity of the […]

  • 4 Common Knee Problems with Age

    As people age, their body functions decline. The knee, as an important part of the body, is one of the main concerns. Most middle-aged and elderly people with knee problems will feel weakness in their legs and feet, especially when the temperature drops suddenly or when they take the stairs. However, if there is frequent […]

  • 7 Tips for Knee Care As You Age

    Older adults are prone to knee problems, which can have a negative impact on joint function and health. Therefore, it is important to pay more attention to the maintenance of the knee joint when you enter old age to avoid inconvenience to your movement. How to take care of your knees? Healthy DietMost middle-aged and […]