7 Common Causes of Falls in the Elderly
7 Common Causes of Falls in the Elderly

7 Common Causes of Falls in the Elderly

When an elderly adult wakes up, blood pressure, blood sugar and other indicators may be unstable, easily causing symptoms such as dizziness, headache, blurred vision and chest tightness. If they rush to get up and move around at this time, the risk of falling will be greatly increased.

Bathrooms are wet and slippery, and the elderly have less mobility, so bathing is likely to take longer. When the bathroom temperature gradually rises, after a long time it will lead to vasoconstriction and increased sweating, which may cause hypoxia and dizziness.

According to clinical statistics, more than 50% of fractures in the elderly are caused by falls because of nighttime urination. When getting up at night, changes in blood pressure may cause a lack of blood supply to the brain, causing a short period of dizziness, coupled with the dim light and poor vision of the elderly, making it extremely easy to fall.

When the phone rings at home, especially if you live in a home where the phone is downstairs and the bedroom is upstairs, some elderly people will fall because they are in a hurry to answer it.

It is very easy to fall in crowded public transportation, and older people must be careful.

The elderly have poor balance ability and may stand unsteadily even if they hold on to the handrails. So it’s better to choose the elevator, if there’s only the escalator, you should maintain a standing position with your feet and shoulders apart. Of course, don’t forget to hold on to the handrails.

In fact, chairs that are too low are not suitable for the elderly. If the chair is too low, the elderly are prone to fall due to the unstable center of gravity when standing up. Also, be sure to slow down when you stand up from a chair. If possible, buy an electric stand up chair. One of the main buyers of this kind of chair is the elderly, it can help you stand easily.

Do pay attention to fall prevention at home and everywhere you go. Wish you all a healthy and happy life.

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