Caring for Cancer Patients
Caring for Cancer Patients

Caring for Cancer Patients

Cancer patients are most worried about disease recurrence or aggravation of the problem, so it is necessary to strengthen the protection of the body when treating cancer. Because cancer is difficult to cure completely, it must be divided into multiple aspects to control during the treatment, so as to ensure the curative effect and help to avoid other unexpected situations.

When someone you love has cancer, you can’t help worrying about it. In fact, we can do a lot for them. So, in addition to cooperating with treatment, what problems should cancer patients pay attention to?

  1. A balanced diet
    A healthy diet is very important for cancer patients, because cancer can affect the digestive function of patients to varying degrees. In addition, cancer cells are abnormal cells, but they also absorb nutrients from the body, which leads to the lack of nutritional supplements for normal cells, so some cancer patients will experience malnutrition. Cancer patients should have a nutritionally balanced diet.
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  1. Maintain a positive attitude
    It is necessary for cancer patients to maintain a positive and optimistic attitude, because the mentality is very important when treating cancer. If you maintain a bad mood for a long time and cannot stabilize your mentality, it will affect the endocrine function of the body and lead to the decline of the body’s immune mechanism.
    It has been found in clinical practice that patients who maintain a good attitude have better treatment effects, and their disease control is more stable. Encouraging cancer patients to face the disease with a positive, optimistic and upward attitude and smiling at the patient will help the patient build up the confidence to overcome cancer.
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  1. Avoid emotional stimulation
    Cancer patients are prone to emotional instability or a sudden emotional breakdown due to long-term illness. Sad and depressing events, other cancer patients’ illness or death, may cause adverse psychological stimulation to the patient and affect the patient’s physical recovery. Family and friends often try to search for emotional support for cancer patients, they could help a lot by trying to accommodate the patient and ease their negative emotions through companionship and comfort.
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  1. Communication
    More communication with doctors and families. Because proper communication during illness can help families and doctors better understand the course of disease development. Communication with family members can also help reduce psychological stress and help patients relax.
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  1. Maintain hygiene
    Even patients who are sick and hospitalized for a long time must maintain hygiene, because during the period of cancer, the patient’s immune system will rapidly decline due to treatment or other factors, and if it is affected by bacteria, it is easy to develop infectious diseases. Therefore, patients should maintain hygiene habits during treatment and keep their bodies clean for a long time.
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  1. Exercise:
    Go outside to breathe fresh air, and do some exercise help to relax the mind. Low-intensity exercise: take a walk, jog, play Tai Chi, etc. The exercise time should not be too long.
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  1. Regular review and timely medical treatment:
    Cancer patients with low immunity should avoid going to crowded places to prevent cross-infection. Regularly return to the hospital for re-examination according to the doctor’s advice, and find the problem and treat it again in time.
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After a series of treatments such as surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy, cancer patients still have to return to life and work. This is not only the ultimate goal of treatment, but also what patients and their families look forward to.

During the holidays, people always like to prepare gifts for their loved ones. Celebrating festivals with patients can help create a very relaxing environment and reduce the psychological burden on patients. Irene House has seen many clients who are looking for presents for someone with cancer. A comfortable electric heated massage recliner is a good choice, especially for some patients who are resting at home.

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