How Do I Choose a Recliner for My Senior?
How Do I Choose a Recliner for My Senior?

How Do I Choose a Recliner for My Senior?

There are many people who may have this question: My parents/other family members are getting older, their bodies are not as good as before, and their legs and feet are inconvenient, what can I do for them?

The first and the best thing you could do is care more about them. The elderly need your company and need to be taken care of. Some people may think about buying a recliner for them and to help them sit and relax better. Yes, it’s definitely a good idea. But, how to choose the right chair for the elderly?

What you need to pay attention to:

  1. Inclination
    The inclination determines the sitting position of the recliner. When purchasing a recliner for the elderly, pay attention to the needs of the user. Most recliners can adjust the inclination angle. Then you could choose lift chair with dual motor or just one motor, 2-position, 3-position, and infinite positions and other options according to your needs.
  1. A Comfortable Footrest
    The footrest is an indispensable part of the recliner. A comfortable and soft footrest can make the legs of the elderly lay flat, which plays a great role in preventing ischemia of the lower extremities.
  1. Proper head support
    When sitting on the recliner, the human body is in a relaxed state. Without head support, there is an increased risk of poor blood flow to the back and brain. But you don’t have to worry about that if the recliner offers support for your head.
  1. Back and other support
    Stool is not a good choice for the elderly. Why? Because stool is a seat without a back and armrests. When people sit on a stool, no matter whether the back is naturally bent or straight, the muscles and ligaments around the lumbar spine are required to maintain a tense state. Therefore, it is easy to cause soft tissue strain around the lumbar spine after sitting for a long time. The lower back muscle condition and ligament elasticity of the elderly are obviously not suitable for sitting on a stool, especially a stool that is too low. Not only does the recliner have a high back to support the head and shoulders of the elderly, but it also has armrests. Of course, if it’s needed, you cal also choose an electric recliner chair with lumbar support.
  1. Fabrics
    Each elderly person has different preferences, and for them, choosing their favorite fabric is of course the first choice. From other perspectives, for example, you can also choose leather, which is easier to clean and care for, or choose chenille which is softer.
  1. Seat Height
    The seat height of the chair should be about the height of the legs below the knee so that the elderly can sit with their feet flat on the ground.
  1. Weight
    The stability of the chair is influenced by its weight. Choosing a light chair can be risky because it’s not as stable as a heavy one.
  1. No Castors
    Chairs with castors require a certain amount of lumbar strength to maintain stability, so in order to avoid unnecessary danger, it is not recommended to buy such chairs. Irene House offers two castors for every recliner, but they’re just to make it easier for our customers to move the chair.

A good recliner not only offers a relaxing place for the elderly, but also creates a beautiful corner in the house. In fact, many people like to buy a recliner for their parents as a gift on holidays or their birthdays. If you are one of them, remember to buy it several days earlier to surprise your parents!

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