Leather Recliner Sofa vs Fabric Recliner Sofa
Leather Recliner Sofa vs Fabric Recliner Sofa

Leather Recliner Sofa vs Fabric Recliner Sofa

Sofa is a piece of must-have furniture in almost every family living room. Haruki Murakami said in his book: “Procuring a good sofa, on the other hand, requires style and experience and philosophy. It takes money, yes, but you also need a vision of the superior sofa. That sofa among sofas.” Buying a sofa isn’t simply about the money.

There are many sofa materials on the market, such as leather sofas, fabric sofas, solid wood sofas and so on.

Many people prefer to choose between leather sofas and fabric sofas. The leather sofa is a sofa made of leather processed from animal skins. In summer, its touch is cool and comfortable, very comfortable. Fabric sofas are also common. Compared with leather sofas, fabric sofas are cheaper, and most young people can afford them.

So, which is better, leather sofa or fabric sofa? The following is a simple comparison:

  1. Service Life
    Leather recliner sofa: Although the leather sofa is expensive, its service life is very long. Good leather sofas are exquisite in craftsmanship and can be used for decades as long as they are properly maintained.
    Fabric recliner sofa: The fabric sofa is used with cushions, and if the quality is good, the lifespan can be maintained for three years or even as long as ten years. The most vulnerable are the sofa cover, because it is a fabric, it is not easy to clean, and it will be discolored after long-term use, which is unavoidable.
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  1. Maintenance
    Leather recliner sofa: It can be wiped with detergent etc. But it is not recommended to rub frequently, half a year or once a year is fine. The sofa is not a leather shoe, and it does not need to be polished every day. Also, be careful not to be scratched by sharp objects. Just be careful not to expose to the sun for a long time, dry the water stains in time, and avoid scratches by sharp objects.
    Fabric recliner sofa: There are different maintenance and cleaning methods for cloth sofas depending on the specific material. But compared to leather sofas, it will be more difficult to clean. Especially liquid stains, because liquids penetrate more easily through the surface of the cloth sofa. However, the sofa covers of some cloth sofas can be disassembled and washed, which will be more convenient to clean.
  1. Craftsmanships
    Leather recliner sofa: The processing technology of leather sofa is very cumbersome and complicated, and it needs to go through many processes, many of which are purely handmade, so the quality is relatively high.
    Fabric recliner sofa: Most fabric sofas are produced by mechanization.
  1. Design
    Leather recliner sofa: Leather sofas are mainly available in four colors: brown, black, white and gray. In addition to their own texture and luster, they will be more suitable for simple or classical decoration styles as a whole. Most leather sofas do not have too many lines, and this design can adapt to many different decoration styles. Leather sofas have a sense of luxury that fabric sofas do not have.
    Fabric recliner sofa: In appearance, fabric sofas are more diverse in color, shape and style. And many fabric sofas can be separated from the sofa cover for easy replacement.

Both leather recliner sofas and fabric recliner sofas have their own advantages and disadvantages. Before you buy a sofa, be sure to clarify your own needs, such as price, decoration style, living habits, etc. If you are undecided, you can also communicate with the designer, who will provide professional help. For people with special needs (such as buying a recliner sofa), it’s worth taking the time to learn about the different types of sofas.

Irene House is a professional recliner sofa manufacturer, we have high-quality leather two seater reclining sofas for sale. Fabric is also available. We aim to provide a comfortable corner for every house that makes people feel relaxed.

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