Power Lift Recliner Accessories Introduction (2)
Power Lift Recliner Accessories Introduction (2)

Power Lift Recliner Accessories Introduction (2)

In addition to the basic requirements for chairs, people also have more needs due to differences in body and daily habits. In order to provide customers with a more comfortable experience, Irene House has produced a variety of accessories.

Recliner Leg Rest Cushion with Straps

Many people like to put a cushion on the footrest, because elevating the feet makes them feel more comfortable. Irene House’s recliner leg rest cushion has two straps with buckles, it’s easy to use and is specially produced to match our chairs. Customers can choose leather or chenille depending on the chair they purchased.

Irene House Recliner Leg Rest Cushion with Straps

Lumbar Pillow/Neck Pillow

Accessories help to enhance the function of our products. The pillow we produced uses plush chenille as the cover, which is removable and easy to clean. Cylindrical design, simple and classic. Whether you want a lumbar pillow, neck pillow or throw pillow on the sofa, it is a good choice.

Irene House Lumbar Pillow/Neck Pillow

Recliner Side Console Table

It is a pleasure to sit in a comfortable recliner and read a book on a leisurely afternoon. Music and some wine will make it even more relaxing. Irene House’s side table is specially designed for recliners and matches our chairs, featuring storage, cup holders, USB and outlets. Furthermore, our upgraded model recliner end table features a speaker and a wireless charging function, achieving a more convenient life with technology.

Irene House Recliner Side Console Table

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