Power Lift Recliner Accessories Introduction (1)
Power Lift Recliner Accessories Introduction (1)

Power Lift Recliner Accessories Introduction (1)

With the development of technology, power lift recliners play an increasing role in daily life. In addition to providing a comfortable experience, they can also help people stand, and provide massage, heating, storage, lighting and other functions.

Sometimes, a chair does not meet all the needs. People may need some accessories to provide additional functions, these accessories can be bought in online shopping platforms or offline stores. If you prefer a single brand of recliner, it is recommended to buy the brand’s official related accessories to better match your chair.

The following accessories are produced by Irene House specifically for our recliner:

Non-slip Seat Pads

Leather is soft, durable, and beautiful, that’s why so many buyers choose it when purchasing recliners. But because of its smooth characteristic, people may need to buy non slip chair pads. Our recliner features a plush seat, so it’s not needed to but a thick cushion for extra support. A non-slip pad filled with thin foam is just good enough for you.

Irene House Non-slip Seat Pad

Non-slip Recliner Covers

Not satisfied with a pad? Maybe you’ll want to buy a non slip cover for leather recliner.
The back of our product uses non-slip fabric, which appears to be the fabric with silicone dots. This design effectively enhances friction and helps people use the chair more safely. Also, its storage function is available for placing small items.

Irene House Non-slip Recliner Cover
Silicone Dots

Recliner Armrest Organizer

People always enjoy sitting on the recliner they like. Buy an armrest organizer for your chair, and you can get magazines, mobile phones, earphones, remote controls and other small items at any time without getting up.

Irene House Recliner Armrest Organizer

To be continued.

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