What Are the Early Warning Signs of Osteoporosis?
What Are the Early Warning Signs of Osteoporosis?

What Are the Early Warning Signs of Osteoporosis?


Osteoporosis is a disease that many elderly people will suffer from. If it is serious, it will not only bring a lot of pain to the patient, but even shorten the life expectancy. Therefore, early warning and prevention are very important. When you are at risk for osteoporosis, the following conditions may occur:

•Long-term unexplained chronic low back pain (especially after middle age)
The most common symptom of primary osteoporosis is low back pain. The pain spreads to both sides along the spine, and the pain is relieved when lying on the back. The pain is exacerbated by standing or sitting for a long time, and the pain is mild during the day, and the pain is worse when you wake up at night and in the morning.

•Have a history of non-violent fractures in yourself or a parent
This is the most common and serious complication of degenerative osteoporosis.

•Eat a lot of high-protein foods and ignore calcium-containing foods
A high-protein diet is one of the causes of osteoporosis. With an excessive intake of large fish and meat, the excessively decomposed fatty acids in the body are very easy to combine with calcium, resulting in a certain degree of calcium loss. Calcium supplementation in daily life is very important. Foods such as milk and soy products contain the calcium needed by the human body. If you do not like this type of food, you can choose reliable calcium tablets to supplement the calcium required by the human body.

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•Being Underweight Increases Risk of Osteoporosis
Excluding changes in sclerotin with age, gravity and muscle contraction can affect the function and metabolism of bone cells, making underweight people prone to osteoporosis.

•Bad habits such as heavy smoking and alcoholism
Long-term smoking and alcohol consumption can hinder the body’s absorption of calcium.

•Premenopausal oophorectomy/premenopausal amenorrhea
Loss of estrogen’s protection of bones can lead to rapid loss of bone mass.

•Lack of outdoor activities/prolonged bed rest
Staying indoors for a long time is likely to cause vitamin D deficiency, which affects the absorption of calcium in the gastrointestinal tract.

•Long-term use of corticosteroids
Osteoporosis is the most common serious adverse reaction in patients receiving long-term corticosteroid therapy, and bone loss can occur soon after corticosteroid therapy. Hormones directly inhibit osteoblast activity and inhibit intestinal calcium absorption.

Excessive thyroid secretion in the body will lead to enhanced bone metabolism, calcium ions in the bones will be lost, resulting in osteoporosis. Some people who are older are more likely to develop osteoporosis.

•Loss of height, hunchback
Osteoporosis will cause people to compress and deform the spine, lean forward, and intensify the dorsal curvature, so there will be a decrease in height and a hunchback.

•Decreased Mobility
If you find that your joints are stiff, feel uncomfortable when you stretch your body, feel fatigued easily, and your lower limbs are heavy, movements are slow, then you should pay attention to avoid falling, because they could be the symptoms of getting osteoporosis.

Many older adults have poor sensitivity to pain. Some people do not feel obvious pain, but fractures have occurred. If they do not seek medical treatment in time, it is easy to delay treatment.

If you feel that they have symptoms of osteoporosis, you should go to the hospital for a bone density test as soon as possible. The test can diagnose osteoporosis and assess bone density levels, allowing doctors to take appropriate preventive and treatment measures.

Osteoporosis is actually a very common condition, even more and more found in younger age groups. This disease can be effectively avoided if it is properly prevented in the early stages. People with osteoporosis are more suitable for using power lift chairs because they are more likely to fall. The power lift chairs can be raised to help them stand, which makes them more useful than the ordinary sofas.

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