What Safety Considerations Should I Be Aware of When Using a Lift Recliner?
What Safety Considerations Should I Be Aware of When Using a Lift Recliner?

What Safety Considerations Should I Be Aware of When Using a Lift Recliner?

A lift recliner can offer immense comfort and support to its user, but it can also present a safety hazard. Before purchasing and using a lift recliner, it is important to be aware of the safety considerations to maximize its benefits while preventing accidents.

Medical Condition

First and foremost, consider the user’s medical condition. People with certain medical conditions, such as heart problems, risk fainting during the lifting and reclining process. In these cases, manual chairs are preferable to lift recliners. Additionally, those with balance or coordination issues should consult their doctor or a physical therapist prior to using a lift recliner.

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Weight Capacity & Periodically Check

It is crucial to determine the appropriate weight capacity for the lift recliner before use. Even if the user is within the weight limit, it is best to use a motorized chair when reclining in order to keep the user stable. It is also important to periodically check the chair for worn out or loose parts, as these can lead to movement of the chair when the power is on, posing a risk of injury.

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Have Someone Nearby

Finally, it is recommended to have someone nearby when using a lift recliner. The user should ask for help if needed getting onto the lift chair and properly using the controls. A second person can also help the user get out of the chair. This is also beneficial when the chair needs to be moved, as it can prevent the user from overexerting or straining themselves.

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By being aware of these safety considerations, users can keep themselves safe while using a lift recliner. Furthermore, with proper maintenance and safety awareness, a lift recliner can provide the user with a comfortable and secure experience.

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