What to Do if You Have Osteoporosis?
What to Do if You Have Osteoporosis?

What to Do if You Have Osteoporosis?

With the increase of age, various functions of the human body will gradually decline. Severe loss of nutrients, especially calcium, can lead to osteoporosis and leg and foot pain in the elderly. This will not only bring great pain to the elderly, but also affect normal life in severe cases. What to do if you have osteoporosis? And what not to do?

Here are some suggestions:

1. Improve Living Habits
Some elderly people maintain some bad living habits, such as smoking and excessive drinking.

(1) Cigarette
As we all know, smoking is bad for our health. Smoking reduces blood supply to muscle and joint tissue, reduces the transport of nutrients in muscle and joint tissue, increases the risk of blood clots, and causes extensive damage to skeletal muscle tissue. At the same time, smoking also inhibits the body’s absorption of reformation. The prevalence of osteoporosis is closely related to daily smoking, smoking age, and total smoking. It is necessary to actively reduce smoking to prevent osteoporosis.

(2) Alcohol
Alcohol will inhibit the normal metabolism of bone cells, but also hinder the absorption of bone-enhancing elements. People who love to drink have long-term inhibition of the activity of bone cells by alcohol in the body, which will hinder the absorption and utilization of calcium and magnesium. These are the reasons why alcohol induces and aggravates osteoporosis.

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(3) Coffee
Caffeine is the main active substance in coffee. Caffeine increases the excretion of calcium in the urine and promotes the secretion of calcium in the small intestine. In addition, the oxalic acid in coffee binds to calcium and inhibits calcium absorption. However, the oxalic acid content in coffee is extremely low and does not significantly inhibit calcium absorption. There is nothing wrong with drinking coffee in moderation, but drinking large amounts over time can increase the risk of osteoporosis.

2. Be Careful Not to Slip when Going out
Elderly people must be careful not to slip and fall when they go out. Especially in the winter and rainy seasons, the ground is slippery. If you accidentally fall, it is likely to cause fractures and even paralysis or life-threatening in severe cases. It is recommended that when the elderly go out, it is best to wear shoes with an anti-slip function to increase the sense of grip, and at the same time use tools such as crutches to reduce the risk of falling.

3. Supplementation with Calcium and Vitamin D
As people get older, the function of the gastrointestinal system will be affected, and the digestive ability will be weakened. This leads to incomplete absorption of nutrients in the body, such as calcium. Calcium is a key component in maintaining bone density. If there is insufficient calcium in the body, the flexibility of the legs and feet will decrease. Therefore, the elderly must pay attention to calcium supplementation. Vitamin D stimulates osteoblasts to build bones and promotes the absorption of calcium from the gut. Calcium supplements can also be supplemented by sun exposure (exposure to the sun helps the body to synthesize vitamin D).

4. Exercise
When the weather is good, the elderly can go out to exercise, and at the same time pay attention to the protection of joints such as the knees. However, it is necessary to follow the doctor’s advice first, and not do activities that the doctor does not recommend because some patients with diseases are not suitable for sports. In general, dog walking or simply taking a walk in the park is a good option for low-intensity daily activities.

5. Comfortable Living Environment
Many seniors also have their own social activities, such as eating with friends, chatting, fishing, etc., which are very helpful for maintaining physical and mental health. It is also important to have a comfortable environment when returning home. Furniture purchased at home, especially chairs and beds, should be selected according to different needs. For the elderly with inconvenient legs and feet, it is recommended to buy a lift recliner, which helps the elderly stand up, so that they don’t have to worry about getting up from the sofa after watching TV. Professional bedding companies will also recommend corresponding products according to the system of the elderly, so as to help improve the sleep quality of the elderly.

Take good care of yourselves, listen to the advice of professionals, and maintain a good attitude. Wish you all a healthy body and a happy life every day!

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